Let’s Talk About Installing WordPress Really Quickly

So, the last time I installed a wordpress site, it was 2008 and the famous “5 minutes install” was more along the lines of “15 minute install”.  As I was contemplating what to use to start blogging once again, I thought I would head back and give the old wordpress stand by another shot.

I assumed that things had gotten less complicated, although they were never that complicated to begin with. But I never imagined that I would not even have to navigate to wrodpress.org even once.  That is the crazy part! Part of what I enjoyed the most of installing wordpress via ftp on some remote, crappy server was that you kinda had to understand what was going on with the process to be successful.  Setting up a SQL server, creating a user on that database, linking everything up on the wp-config file, etc.  Not once during the current installation did I have to stop and yell at my computer that “THIS IS THE CORRECT F*CKING PASSWORD!”.

I am currently deployed on Google’s cloud whatever, which I am actually looking forward to going back and exploring more of the instances that can be created on this.  When I read “one-click install”, I typically think one-click, then many clicks to setup.  This was actually one-click!  It was installed and deployed within a minute.  Google cloud platform is using Bitnami as their resource to install.

So all in all, is it impressive? Yes.  Is it easy? Very.  Would I have understood how and where the images and text on this page were being stored on a granular level had I not installed one of these the old fashion way? Well, probably not.  But I guess that’s the point.